Alison Butler

Qualifications: Solicitor LLB
Professional Memberships: Law Society of NSW, Law Institute of Victoria, Albury and District Law Society

What is your area of expertise?

I have been employed with Harris Lieberman since 1997 and now work in the Commercial Law department alongside David Koschitzke. I also head up our Conveyancing Department and I handle commercial leases, commercial and residential property transactions and business transactions. I also assist with trust and superannuation matters associated with property.
I came into the industry as a mail clerk, then junior receptionist and worked my way up, so it has been a metamorphosis to this point.
I think I am really blessed to be in the industry while I’ve been completing my law degree. It’s been a real benefit to work in the industry and understand it, rather than being fresh out of college and finding a job in legal. I think it would be a real challenge, just understanding the jargon, so I’ve been really lucky.

What are the main challenges of your role?

Leasing work requires careful consideration as anything contained in a lease now, could, in reality, continue to have effect for the next 25 years. You need to ensure that the lease is prepared accurately and clearly.
The landlord needs to be advised to give careful consideration to the standard to which the tenant must ‘make good’, the property when leaving it. Specific conditions must be precisely drafted. A lease involves a lot of technicalities and can be very complex.
Legislation and regulations change daily and keeping on top of these changes can be challenging but also interesting. I provide services to clients on both sides of the border, and ensuring up-to-date knowledge of legislation in both New South Wales and Victoria is essential.

What do you enjoy about working in the Commercial department?

I like the challenge of the role. There is so much involved when considering a client’s needs. It is not enough to respond to their questions, but it is also necessary to advise them about issues that they may not have previously considered. I take the time to understand my client and my client’s needs so that I can ensure that my advice is best tailored to them.
Often I deal with multi-national companies. I enjoy operating at that level. The complexities can be intense and require focus, however resolving them is very satisfying.
I strive to provide an excellent service to each of my clients by ensuring that their needs are handled with efficiency and conducted with caring and understanding support.

What do you enjoy about living and working in Albury-Wodonga?

I’m originally from Tallangatta and I love the country feel that Albury-Wodonga offers, as well as the city vibe it can provide.
The proximity to capital cities and the coast is convenient, and the growth in the region is exciting and it is wonderful to be part of that growth.